Zhenjiang’s leisure and healthy lifestyle 镇江的休闲康养之道

It is worthy of paying a visit to Zhenjiang, where you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets, seeking amazing scenery along your way to the mountains or meditating the leisure and healthy lifestyle on mountain peaks. The fortune of life could be measured as you head to the mountains and climb up above the clouds.

The Splendid Guangling Autumn 最美不过广陵秋

In the late autumn, one can find various gorgeous landscapes when rambling about in the ancient canal.

Colorful Suzhou Railway Station – Suzhou Rail Transit Line 3姑苏车站多姿色-苏轨3号线

The decoration design theme of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 3 is "Wudi Regional Culture, Joyful Tour To Suzhou City."

Crystal Clear Salted Pork in Jelly晶莹剔透的水晶肴肉

Salted Pork in Jelly, Zhenjiang's famous dish, if the Pork in Jelly is crystal clear and not greasy, after adding the Zhenjiang Fragrant Vinegar without a hint of fishy smell.

The Most Beautiful Road for Self-driving, Liyang No.1 Road自驾最美公路,溧阳一号

Liyang No.1 Road is one of the first batch of tourist scenic roads in Jiangsu Province, which is known as the most beautiful self-driving highway in Jiangsu, with a total length of 365 km.

Crystal- World Glass Art Museum晶-世界玻璃艺术馆

This is a small world where wonder and joy coexist with magic and technology combined. Come and experience it at the Crystal World Glass Art Museum!

Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum江宁织造府博物馆

Everything here, including the flowers and trees, has been integrated into his masterpiece Dream of the Red Chamber.

Jiu Li Lake Ecological Wetland Park九里湖生态湿地公园

In the northwest of Xuzhou, there is a "Kidney of the Earth," namely, the Jiu Li Lake National Wetland Park. Jiu Li Lake, as the first "Ecological Wetland Park" in Xuzhou, makes the ancient city of Xuzhou form a landscape pattern of "Yunlong Mountain, Yunlong Lake in the South, Jiuli Mountain and Jiuli Lake in the North."

Huanhao River Museum Group环濠河博物馆群

Nantong is the birthplace of the undertaking of Chinese museums, which enjoyed the reputation of "The Hometown of Culture and Museum.