Chinese Sea Salt Museum 中国海盐博物馆

As the China's unique large-scale Thematic Museum that reflects the long standing civilization history of China Haiyan.

Huai’an Yuncanghai Guesthouse 淮安云仓海民宿

The Yuncanghai Guesthouse perfectly integrates the fish culture, farming culture, river work culture and diet culture.

Xuyi Crawfish Is the Specialty in Summer 夏季盱眙小龙虾正当时

The size of Xuyi Crawfish is bigger than that of common ones, which has a thin shell and thick meat with shrimp paste on its head.

Chinese Abacus Museum 中国珠算博物馆

The abacus is the great creation of the working people in ancient China.

Jinhu Lotus Lake 金湖荷花荡

Jinhu Lotus Lake is the national 4A tourism scenic area with beautiful ecological environment.

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing 南京卓美亚酒店

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing is situated in the Nanjing New Landmark, namely, the building which is 316 m away from the north side of "Twin Towers" of Hexi New District International Youth Culture Center.

Nantong HAOHE Scenic Spot 南通濠河风景区

Nantong HAOHE is one of the most intact ancient moat preserved in China.

Zhenjiang Mountain Scenic Area 镇江三山景区

Zhenjiang Mountain Scenic Area, located in the Jiangsu Province's southwest region, the south bank in the lower reaches of Yangtze River, is unique in its landscapes of "genuine mountain and water."

Yancheng Eight-Bowl 盐城八大碗

In the long years, there were three large-scale population migrations in Yancheng.