“Chinese Style Pastry” Sesame Oil Sanzi “中式泡面”麻油馓子

The natives in Zhenjiang have three ways to eat sesame oil Sanzi: One is dry chewing, the other is water boiling, and the last is adding dishes.

Lvyang Hotel 绿杨旅社

Lvyang Hostel is named after the famous poem sentence of "Lvyang City is Yangzhou" by the poet Wang Yuyang in the Qing Dynasty.

Lianyungang Hua Guo Mountain International Hotel 连云港花果山酒店

It is located to the east of Huaguoshan Avenue in Xinhai New District, which is opposite to the City Sports Center.

Maoshan Autumnal Scenery 茅山秋景

The scenery of autumn can be discovered in every corner of Jintan Maoshan, the gentle, rustic fairy town.

Changzhou Shrimp Cake 常州虾饼

Shrimp cake is a delicacy, its’ main ingredients include raw shrimp meat, flour and so on.

The Rubescent Wetlands Waiting for Returning Birds 红了湿地,等归鸟

The abundant resources, criss-cross rivers and limpid lakes make this place an ideal wintering spot for a variety of migratory birds, and is also a rare piece of “green lung” in Lianyungang city.

Dongxiang Mutton 东乡羊肉

Dongxiang mutton, a traditional cuisine of Zhenjiang, is abundant in the east suburbs of the Dalu Town, Yaoqiao Town, and Dagang prefecture, neighboring Se-mountain.

Reed Catkins in Autumn Worth Meeting 秋日芦花,值得遇见

GaoYou Lake, one of the six major freshwater lakes in China, has been praised by people since ancient time for its water culture include "beautiful scenery, abundant aquatic products and mysterious legendary".

“Dignified” Tiger Shoes “虎头虎脑”老虎鞋

In 2007, Yancheng Tiger Shoes was included in the list of The First Batch of Jiangsu Province Intangible Cultural Heritage upon the approval by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government.