Come To The Mount Huaguoshan Summer Resort 夏季来花果山避暑

Welcome to come to Mount Huaguoshan and experience your summer trip!

Jiangning Zhuhai Shi Tang 江宁石塘竹海

Zhuhai Shi Tang, reputed as "Small Jiuzhaigou." This scenic area emerged as the beautiful natural landscape with tea mountain, bamboo sea and pine forest as its main actors.

Yushui Nanshan Drifting 御水南山漂流

The length of Liyang Nanshan Drifting totals about 1800 m, and it takes the tourist about 50 min to drift through such drifting waterway with many twists and turns.

Changzhou Joyland 常州环球动漫嬉戏谷

It is located in the Changzhou Wujin Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort, this place is a national 4A level scenic spot and is an international animation and game experience expo park.

Night Tour To Slender West Lake 夜游瘦西湖

In the daytime Slender West Lake is a 5A level scenic spot, and in the night it is one of China’s popular holy land.

Suzhou Amusement Land Forest Water World 苏州乐园森林水世界

As a water amusement park with the theme of forest, The Forest Water World is unique among many water parks, advocating  natural, healthy and erogenous water playing attitude!

Nanjing Huaji Hotel 南京花迹酒店

It is situated in No.52, Zhongying, East Zhonghua Gate, Nanjing, and is hidden in the ancient homestead complex within the buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as the Republic of China in East Zhonghua Gate.

Suqian Chu Street 宿迁楚街

It is the first characteristic commercial pedestrian street that combines shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, tourism, and culture.

Huai’an Chasan 淮安茶馓

Huai'an Chasab was created in the late Qing Dynasty with a history of over one hundred years.