Niushou Mountain Travel Notes 牛首山游记

The two peaks of Niushou Mountain look like ox horns hence the name.

Shanjuan Dong Scenic Area in Yixing 宜兴善卷洞风景区

Shanjuan Dong Scenic Area, a famous limestone cave, is the first of Yixing's “Three Wonders”.

Soochow Bay Golden Lakeshore Tourist Area 苏州湾黄金湖岸旅游区

Soochow Bay Golden Lakeshore Tourist Area possesses unique geographical advantages and abundant tourism resources. As a national AAAA-level scenic area, it enjoys the reputation of “first-class air and second-class water”.

Xiao Lou Xiang In Wuxi 无锡小娄巷

Every city has an alley that has witnessed celebrity allusions and past prosperity, which is the epitome of the city’s history.

Jinsha Lake Tourist Resort In FuNing 阜宁金沙湖旅游度假区

The resort now has the largest freshwater beach in China, the only sandslide area in East China, the largest sand sculpture art park in the Yangtze River Delta, and the largest snow world in Jiangsu.

Weishan Lake Thousand Island Wetlands In Pei County 沛县微山湖千岛湿地

Weishan Lake, with magnificent natural resources and landscape, is the largest freshwater lake in the north of China.

Xuanshui Lake Scenic Area In Xuzhou 徐州悬水湖景区

Xuanshui Lake, located in the middle of Luliang Mountain Scenic Spot in Tongshan, covering an area of 7.62 square kilometers, is the core area of Luliang Mountain Provincial Tourism Resort.

Huai’an Hongze Lake Ancient Weir Scenic Area 淮安洪泽湖古堰景区

It is a composite ecologic culture tourist attraction integrating culture experience, health reservation & leisure, great lake sightseeing, forest secret exploration and modern amusement.

Suzhou Tianchi Huashan Scenic Area 苏州天池花山景区

Tianchi Huashan is a state Grade AAAA scenic area located at the northwest of Mudu Town, Suzhou City composed of three tourist attractions as Tianchi Mountain, Huashan Mountain and White Elephant Bay.