Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China (Phase I) 中国黄(渤)海候鸟栖息地(第一期)

On Jul. 5, 2019, Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China (Phase I) was enrolled into the World Heritage List.

Yangzhou Yechun Teahouse 扬州冶春茶社

Walking out of the North Gate Street of Yangzhou, crossing the "Wenyue Bridge" and going down a small slope to the south, one can see the famous "Yechun Teahouse".

Dongtai Hair Embroidery 东台发绣

Embroidery is one of the most typical handicrafts of the Chinese nation. Jiangsu Dongtai Embroidery is unique in its material of human hair other than silk thread, so people call it "Hair Embroidery."

In the autumn breeze, Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab is coming 秋风起,阳澄湖大闸蟹即将上线

Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs, originated from Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, are now on the lips of everybody for its delicacy.

Ma Ling Mountain Scenic Area 马陵山风景名胜区

It is located in Malingshan Town, Xinyi City, about 18 km away from Xinyi City, which is banding low mountains and hills stretching for dozens of kilometers.

Longyin Jiangnan Guesthouse 龙隐江南民宿

"Longyin Jiangnan" Exquisite Guesthouse is located in Jinjia village, Zhangzhu Town, Yixing, and in the Bicycle Park on Longchi Mountain.

Gaochun Shijiu Lake — The Mirror of Sky 高淳石臼湖——天空之境

Recently, the "The Mirror of Sky" of Nanjing's Shijiu Lake is very popular with people. In addition, the tourists also can take a sea train across Shijiu Lake.

“Jiangnan Water Alleyway” — The Grand Canal Wuxi Section “江南水弄堂”——大运河无锡段

The Wuxi Section of the Grand Canal has the total length of 40.6 km, which is the earliest section in accordance with the Jiangnan canal's written record.

Suzhou Qionglong Mountain Scenic Area 苏州穹窿山景区

It is situated in the western suburbs of Suzhou. As the main peak, Ruomao Peak is 341.7 m above sea level, and it is the crest of the mountains on the East Bank of Taihu Lake, which is the highest peak in Suzhou.