Slow Life in Water City, Night Tour of Fengcheng River

Night Tour on the Qinhuai River, Experience Ancient Charm of Nanjing

A Night Tour in Wangshi Garden, Experience the Classic Elegance of Suzhou

Flowing Culture Heritage of Suqian

Suqian is a well-known city for her ancient culture, with beautiful scenery, fine wine, rich culture, delicious food, more than 5,000 years of civilized history and over 2,700 years of city-building history. As good water makes good wine, this famous water city “with three rivers and two lakes” has been honored worldwide as the “Chinese Wine Capital”. Xiang Yu, who was praised to be “the one and only hero throughout the ages”, was born here. Even Emperor Qianlong could not resist the charm of this city, and lingered on with no thought of leaving…

Lotus in Jinhu County, Cool in Summer

Besides the love for “plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum”, Chinese people also have a special preference for lotus. Poets write about it, painters draw it, writers compose essays, and individuals appreciate it… The “lotus culture” gradually penetrated into people’s daily life, which is no longer a special thing in the field of art and humanities. Every midsummer, it is like a promise that people always find a way to do something related to lotus. Even an inconspicuous lotus in the pond of the central park may attract the attention of someone, who would stop and appreciate its beauty.

Charming Island, Fishing Destination

If you have read Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, you will never forget the shocking 85-day battle between Santiago and the marlin. The sea fishing is a battle of human wits against the ocean in the novel, but it turns out to be much more leisurely and relaxing in reality. It is a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Escape from the crowds and look for an island to acquire moments of serenity. Come and give your body and mind a thorough relax by casting your fishing rods as far as you can.

A Visit to Xuzhou, Embrace the Charm of Landscape

Boasting a civilization of over 5,000 years, Xuzhou not only was one of the Nine Provinces of ancient China, but also remains the oldest city in Jiangsu Province. Affected by the Han culture, the mountains and waters in Xuzhou is full of majestic and grand feel. Also, there are mysterious legends of Maling Mountain and Yunlong Lake, waiting to be explored.

Yangzhou, A City with Rich Collection of Art and Literature

Chanting and appreciating in a leisurely and carefree mood are never peculiar to literati. All sorts of wonderful performances are unfolding themselves in the city, and people are snatching a little leisure to enjoy some pleasant and poetic moments in this idyllic landscape.

A Culture Tour to Explore City Wall of Nanjing

Walk around the Ming City Wall of Nanjing in early summer, you will notice that the tall cedars are as high as the wall and people looking upwards are so tiny. By touching the stone bricks that have gone through the vicissitude of history, you can feel the strong pulse of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), which is still lively at the present.