Water Town from Eastern Jin Dynasty

Mufu Riverside Cruise

Walk Along the Pingjiang Road and Enjoy Delicacies

The Historic Block on Pingjiang Road, Suzhou is one of the ancient blocks with rich culture, and of course, various food stalls and boutique stores. It is a not-to-be-missed destination if you visit the city.

A Tour of Jianggang Town, a Rustic Fishing Port in Dongtai County, Yancheng

The moisturizing offshore wind sweeps gently over each corner of Dongtai County and brings intoxicating glamour to this seaside small town.

A New Look of Antiques: Diaohua Building

Taishou is known for its rich cultural accumulation and diversified cultural landscape. Diaohua Building (with cutting and carving facades) is one of the local features. Perhaps you have seen featured buildings in Suzhou. But you will find that the Diaohua Buildings in Gaogang District are neck to neck to those in Suzhou for their delicacy and beauty.

Story of Sunflower, Baima Lake, Huai’an

One Day Tour in Yunlong Lake, Xuzhou

Of all the natural scenes, Yunlong Lake is a representative of Xuzhou. It features a vast body of water and a diversified natural landscape.

The Authentic Taste of Pengcheng

The famous historic and ancient city has many stories, and delicious food. Located at the intersection of five provinces, Xuzhou has developed its local unique style based on the features and advantages of various cuisines from different places.

Story of Ancient Town, Memory of Sea Salt

Yancheng of Jiangsu province was called “Yandu” in ancient times and was renamed Yancheng during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The geographical location of being a coastal city endows Yancheng with a unique urban temperament, with a splendid sea salt civilization nurtured, leaving countless precious historical relics.