Gaoyou dishes city yi scenic spot: in gaoyou dishes city yi in 2014 is listed as world cultural heritage, become the 46th world heritage is an important part of the beijing-hangzhou grand canal)

Gaoyou dishes city yi scenic spot: in gaoyou dishes city yi in 2014 is listed as world cultural heritage, become the 46th world heritage is an important part of the beijing-hangzhou grand canal).Ming dynasty hongwu eight years (in 1375), gaoyou, jiangsu province in the south gate street east, is China’s YouYi “living fossil”, the nation’s largest and best preserved ancient post, a YiChuan architectural legacy of Ming dynasty.

Jar, ancient garden of food, water, etc.Jar city, gaoyou’s nickname, take meaning in the southern song dynasty qin less swim about hometown verse, “my country such as the complex dishes” jar city yi so its name.Now as the national key cultural relics protection unit.Ancient jar city yi is gaoyou tourism “five zones” one axis area planning is an important node, and is manifest in gaoyou tourism features, wen, mail, for water important scenic area, is also in gaoyou tourism foreign promote a gold-lettered signboard.In 1993-1995 city people’s government of gaoyou adhere to repair, after the post, and on this basis, set up China’s only YouYi museum, make GuYi shigemitsu.Is there than a jar city claimed yesterday yi yi earlier opened in 98.
On December 19, 2014 in jiangsu province tourism bureau and yangzhou city people’s government approval: jar city yi granted the title of national aaa level scenic spots
As a national key cultural relics protection units Meng Cheng yi is one of the most complete ancient posthouse remaining, gaoyou government spent 2013 yuan on April 18, 2013 to the adjacent to the grand canal in gaoyou Meng Cheng yi implementation capacity, then to the city on October 18, 2013, the sixth session of China’s postal festival new push business card “mail culture”, and make the ancient color for traces of the grand canal in gaoyou Duan Shen scenic area.

GanTangXuan: GanTangXuan is specifically for official rest rest place, according to the book of songs, one for people to do good official called YanZhao male, he went on a circuit around, don’t people to build a house for him, is on the side of the road GanTang tree (a tall deciduous trees) office, build a hut for the night, even the hut also don’t a person to the edge of clip, then he died, people miss him very much, took to GanTang tree, see GanTang ennobled, like see the ancestral temple, and then use GanTang generation refers to the official, the Chinese have a proverb called “sweet memories left behind by love”, which means to leave people miss, or praise left official record.

Drum tower, drum tower is station is used to value time more, stand guard outlook, click the celebration.Jar city yi drum tower for cross ridge three double-hipped roof structure, square, three layers from top to bottom, up to four zhangs three feet five inches, city inn is, after the landmark buildings, issued by the ministry of posts and telecommunications commemorative stamps “ancient jar city yi” is given priority to with the design of the picture.At the top of the drum tower “pulse” and “mail the life” the plaque, make the finishing point, illustrate the importance of the drum tower for the post.As such, all previous dynasties rulers have attached great importance to mail, to torture method ensure YouYi unobstructed.Drum tower bottom inside the wall with black marble, marble engraved with “rebuilt jar city yi ji” and “donation monument”.Drum tower is the commanding heights of the city at that time, standing on the drum tower, trapped jar is the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, surrounding the city yi tang chinese-styled tower day color in gaoyou lake and lake scenery, etc.

Huang hua hall: emperor in ancient China hall is the place that postal order, was the officer in gaoyou states with envoys of the past.Its when hanging arms on either side of the column on the “kingdom of yi traffic, outer feihong suddenly” couplets, “huang hua hall” plaques of couplets is “well-informed understanding, mail order of soldiery leave”, the two vice couplets and the function of ancient dak sum up is very exact.Rooms on both sides of the wooden partition hanging “YouYi law”, “send the single table”, “statistics of the horse boat”, “division of labor responsibility table”, such as station chart, and fully shows the ancient inn.Rooms on the west side for sign room, yi cheng sign office place, for the study on the east side, for the post of top management personnel yi cheng (do officer) of bedroom and study.

Concierge hin: concierge porch was yi cheng reception of past officials a lounge.Displayed on the wall inside the hall is “all previous dynasties celebrities and jar city yi” exhibition, according to written records, the prime minister of tang dynasty Li Jifu had once lived in the station building tianjin weir, one of the eight people of tang and song dynasty wang anshi lived in post to guide the young poet asked how to write a poem, a national hero yue fei, shi-zhong han had once lived in post instruction, Italian traveler Marco Polo, the Netherlands, the messenger, hoff and north koreans Cui Fu celebrities who have been here by post official reception, outside the hall is also equipped with all previous dynasties celebrities  gaoyou poetry steles.Concierge hin experienced the change of The Times, have witnessed dishes city yi’s prosperity and decline, its connotation and the value and the new definition.

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