Jiangsu profile

Jiangsu province which borders on Shanghai has a history of thousands of years. The Yangtze River (the longest river in China) runs through the southern part of Jiangsu reaching the Eastern China Sea whilst the magnificent Grande Canal runs from the north to the south, traversing all the east-west river system.At present, Jiangsu has a total of 13 cities which are classed as some of the most comprehensively developed in the areas of Economy, education and transport in the province, boasting a fusion of both the traditional and the modern.

The best time for travelling in Jiangsu Province is spring and autumn.

  1. Spring: spring is the best season in a year, as spring wakes the nature giving a vibrant feeling.
  2. Autumn: autumn is also a good season to travel in Jiangsu Province with clear sky and moderate temperature.History of JiangsuIn 1667, Jiangsu was established because of the east-and-west separation of Jiangnan Administration Commission.

The name of the province is the abbreviation of the “Provincial Administration Commission that administrates Jiangnan covering Jiangning, Huaian, Yangzhou, Xuzhou, Haizhou and Tongzhou” and the “Provincial Administration Commission that administrates Jiangnan covering Suzhou, Songjiang, Changshu, Zhenjiang and Taicang”.